Obamateurism of the Day

Yesterday, the Romney campaign took their Democratic counterparts to school.  Team Obama released their May fundraising numbers early, hoping to get a boost in the media with the improved totals over April of $60 million, in partnership with the DNC.  Within the hour, Romney’s campaign completely swamped out their media strategy, changing the narrative from Obama improvement to Romney’s triumph, beating Team O by nearly $17 million in May.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama flunked that lesson.  Instead of letting his campaign address the issue, Obama took to Twitter to argue that Romney’s fundraising was somehow less genuine:

“What we’re seeing are two very different models of fund-raising.” http://OFA.BO/LQrRyE

Really?  The Romney campaign quickly pointed out — again — that 93% of their donations in May were $250 or less:

 In the first full month of joint fundraising between Romney’s campaign, RNC and various committees associated with the two, 93% of donations were of $250 of less, totaling 297,442 individuals. That leads to a grand total of more than 319,800 donors for team Romney, compared to the more than 572,000 who donated to Obama and the DNC in May. Ninety-eight percent of donations to the president’s side were $250 or less.

So, that looks pretty much like the same model, doesn’t it?  And really, dahling, is Obama in any position to argue about being more connected to The Little People after running this ad a week ago?

Maybe someone should take the Twitter device away from the President.

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