Walker: If you make the tough choices, voters will stick with you

Last night, Barack Obama asserted that Democrats and unions had sent “a strong message to Scott Walker,” but this morning the victorious Governor of Wisconsin sent a message right back.  After winning more votes in a recall election than he did in his original 2010 victory, Walker tells Fox and Friends that voters have proven that when an officeholder delivers on his promises and “takes on the tough challenges,” voters will reward him:

He said, “They [the voters] said loudly, not just in Wisconsin, but across the country, ‘If you do the right thing, if you make the tough choices, voters will stand with you.’”

He addressed the impact of his win on November’s presidential election, reiterating that voters have sent a distinct message that they mean it “when they say, ‘We want you to take on these tough challenges and not just play for what’s maybe temporarily popular in the polls.’”

Walker says that Wisconsin voters are tired of the recall efforts and want to get back to a normal life — which for him includes a Leinenkugel Honey Weiss or two, some brats on the grill, and perhaps a Harley ride around the state this summer.  But Walker also encourages Mitt Romney and his team to pick up where he and the state GOP have left off, because Wisconsin is in play in November — even if Barack Obama continues to immerse himself in fantasy about what really happened yesterday in the state.

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