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Consider this the Wisconsin recall edition OOTD.  At first, I was fairly certain we wouldn’t get an OOTD out of this event at all.  Barack Obama has done his best to stay as far away from Tom Barrett as humanly possible.  In fact, last Friday he managed to fly over Wisconsin to get to Minnesota for a few fundraisers, and then fly over Wisconsin again to get to a few more fundraisers in Chicago later the same day, a fact with which Republicans had some fun this weekend:

The president, who campaigned for Mr. Barrett two years ago, has been conspicuously absent this time. His aides argued that he had a full plate and did not have time to come. But Republicans were quick to point out that Mr. Obama was only a helicopter ride on Marine One away from the state on Friday when he visited Minneapolis, and again on Saturday after spending the morning in his old neighborhood in Chicago.

“He couldn’t drive 15 miles and show his face here?” said Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, who spent the weekend in his native Wisconsin to stir the pot and campaign for Mr. Walker. “There are going to be a lot of Democrats in Wisconsin who are going to be pretty disappointed with their president who did not come in and help out.”

Fear not, Democrats!  Barack Obama has finally reached out in support of Barrett, as Allahpundit noted briefly in an update on this post.  But he picked a strange medium for the support, and hilariously ironic wording, too:

It’s Election Day in Wisconsin tomorrow, and I’m standing by Tom Barrett. He’d make an outstanding governor. -bo

Obama could have cut a TV spot, a web ad, or even a voice-over for a last minute radio spot.  Instead, the deepest level of commitment Obama could muster for Barrett is a Twitter message.  And note that the tweet claims to have Obama doing something he refused to do literally — “standing by Tom Barrett.”  Not only did Obama do his best to avoid standing anywhere near Barrett in this election, Obama apparently couldn’t dare to be in the same state.

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