Video: Andy Garcia and For Greater Glory

Yesterday on my show, I had the opportunity to interview actor Andy Garcia, whose new film For Greater Glory opens on June 1st nationwide.  It has already opened in Mexico to large crowds, and for good reason.  The film tells the story of the Cristiada, also known as the Cristero Wars, which erupted when the socialist Mexican government of President Plutarco Calles attempted to forcibly suppress the Catholic Church. In March, I wrote about the rough cut version that I watched, and noted the similarity to Braveheart and the interesting and unplanned resonance of the question of religious freedom to the politics of today, when the government decides it has the authority to decide what kind of religious expression qualifies for First Amendment protection and which doesn’t.

Since many may not have caught this interview, which took place an hour into the show, I have broken it out separately in this video.  Garcia discusses the fight for absolute freedom and the relation to his own Cuban-American background, how history has forgotten the Cristiada until now, and his hopes and aspirations for the film.

The trailer is on the film’s website, but I’ll embed it here once again:

I’ll be reaching out to the publicists for more interviews from both sides of the camera as the release date for the film approaches.  It is a tremendously moving and powerful film, and one I believe most Hot Air readers will appreciate.

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