Picture of the Day: Democrats (Not) At Work

Guy Benson says that this is a picture worth 1,086 words — one for each day since the Democrat-led Senate passed the budget resolution required by law each April 15th.  This picture comes from yesterday’s so-called “mark-up session” of the Senate Budget Committee, a meeting which chair Kent Conrad helpfully promoted by declaring that he wouldn’t allow any votes to be taken on budgets.  That turned the meeting into nothing more than a discussion forum, one that Conrad’s colleagues decided to skip. The picture, taken by a Republican staffer at the meeting, shows all 11 Republicans sitting on the far side of the table — and almost no Democrats in their chairs:

The meeting was broadcast on one of the C-SPAN channels, so this isn’t exactly a secret.  Only three Democrats bothered to show up at all, out of a dozen assigned to it.  Republicans showed up, prepared to cast votes to finally bring the ignominious streak of 1,085 days (as of yesterday) without a budget resolution to an end.  Sadly, Democrats — who control the committee, the chamber, and the White House — don’t have the same sense of responsibility.

Senator Jeff Sessions, like all of the other Republican members of the Senate Budget Committee, actually showed up for work. Sessions delivered a stinging rebuke to the leadership for their irresponsibility and utter lack of leadership on a core function of the Senate:

For a party that demands that voters put them in charge, they seem utterly unwilling to do the job once they have it. Voters should keep this in mind in November, up and down the ballot.

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David Strom 8:41 PM on January 30, 2023