Obamateurism of the Day

When giving a speech, especially to highlight one’s own economic policies by showing how they create jobs, it’s important to get the basics right … like where the plant one is extolling actually resides. Last week Barack Obama went to Prince George County to speak at a Rolls Royce factory, but never mentioned Prince George:

Controversy over President Barack Obama’s visit to Prince George last week — he was standing in the county for his speech, but most of the spotlight fell about three miles away.

It’s those three miles that have county leaders filing a complaint to the White House.

The president came to town to talk jobs and the economy, but during his roughly 25 minutes he repeatedly said something that ruffled a few feathers.

During his speech he mentioned the city of Petersburg at least five times.

Problem is, the president was *not* in Petersburg… but neighboring Prince George County, home of the Rolls Royce plant where the president chose to deliver his speech.

The President can’t even get his current location correct in a prepared speech? There’s a confidence-builder.

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