Video: Don't ask Chris Rock about the Tea Party

The definition of insanity might not be doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result, but in attacking people when they ask you about your definition of insanity. Our friend Jason Mattera confronts comedian Chris Rock about his allegations that the Tea Party is “insane” and “racist,” and, well … Chris Rock goes a bit nuts in response:

Some people don’t like ambush interviews, but even they’d have to say that Rock has a pretty low threshold here. Jason hadn’t even gotten the full question out when Rock turns around and attacks the cameraman [see update]. That’s not only a bit nuts, it’s also rather foolish. How could one not expect that video to go viral after providing such great material to undermine Rock’s credibility on psychology?

Jason’s new book Hollywood Hypocrites hit the bookstores this week — so be sure to pick up your copy now, or order it through the link!

Update: Jason e-mails me with a correction — it was a camerawoman that Rock attacked.

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Duane Patterson 2:01 PM on June 05, 2023