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Time once again for Reason TV’s Nanny of the Month, and unfortunately, we have plenty of contestants for the title. Chuck Schumer makes a hilarious bid for the title by claiming that the next nefarious “club drug” will be inhalable … caffeine.  Utah state legislator Tim Cosgrove gets an honorable mention for a bill that would new-age healers in jail for a year unless they get an expensive massage license, even though the practice in question doesn’t necessarily involve touch.  But the award goes to another state legislator in neighboring Arizona, who wants to force advertisers to disclose airbrushing in their ads:

But this month, the top slot goes to someone else.

In the midst of the Kate Upton Sports Illustrated airbrushing controversy comes word that a Grand Canyon state pol decides it’s time to crack down on post production techniques that make models smoother and sexier. (But hey, she’s doing it for the kids!)

Presenting’s Nanny of the Month for February 2012: Arizona state Rep. Katie Hobbs (D-Phoenix)!

You know what I notice in this clip?  The headshot for Rep. Hobbs looks a lot different than her appearance in the video in which she touts her bill.  Did someone touch up her professional headshot?  Isn’t that … misleading?  At some point, we’re going to have disclaimer overload — so many mandated disclaimers on products and advertising that no one bothers to read them.  I already laugh at the pharmaceutical ads that go through a long string of potential side effects, including death.  In the case of erectile-dysfunction ads, the disclaimer even sounds like a benefit: “If you experience an erection for four hours or more, contact your physician immediately! Or perhaps a Georgetown Law student.”

I’d have chosen Schumer in this case, since making a federal case of caffeine is even more absurd, but it’s difficult to quibble with this choice.

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