Bruning ad welcomes Kerrey to NE Senate race as the "New York liberal"

Remember that Bob Kerrey is the Democrats’ best hope for holding the Senate seat from Nebraska, even though Kerrey hasn’t bothered to live in the state since his Senate retirement more than a decade ago.  Jon Bruning reminds Nebraskans that Kerrey hasn’t exactly kept up with their political sensibilities, and says Kerrey’s values are as far from theirs as … well, as far as Nebraska is from New York City:

Remember that Democratic incumbent Ben Nelson retired rather than face the wrath of Nebraskans over his crucial vote that allowed ObamaCare to pass.  Courtesy of the NRSC, here’s Bob Kerrey in 2009, telling a Greenwich Village audience that the longer he lived in the neighborhood the further to the left he gets on health care — and bemoans the “demonization” of the public option:

Now that he’s in the race, Kerrey says there are “significant flaws” in the ObamaCare bill, but that “I don’t know all the details of it,” despite insisting over two years ago that he knew enough to go further to the left on ObamaCare and support the public option. Nevertheless, flaws and all, Kerrey won’t vote to repeal the bill if he gets elected:

I suspect that the NRSC is delighted to have Bob Kerrey in the race. It’s going to be much easier to run against a Greenwich Village leftist than a Democrat who can fake being a conservative more effectively.

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