Video: The Con Artist

Last night, as expected, the Academy Award went to The Artist, a modern silent film that had gotten plenty of Oscar buzz from the moment it hit the screens.  Raising Red, a conservative group, showed great prescience and demonstrates an acerbic wit in their parody The Con Artist, which features the broken promises of a political leading man who broke hearts around the country when he failed to deliver:

The Daily Caller describes it for those who can’t play it at the moment:

“President Barack Obama was the brightest star in Washington,” begins the political ad, which comes complete with 1920s swing music and silent movie titles showing the promises President Obama made during his presidential campaign and his first months in office, like cutting the deficit.

“But all that changed when, one day, his broken promises caught up with him,” the narrator continues, attacking the president for “breaking the hearts” and “trust” of Americans.

“That’s why audiences across America are calling Obama ‘The Con Artist,’” the ad goes on, citing rising gas prices, the rising debt and the president’s decision not to sign the bill allowing the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

“The Con Artist: We can’t afford a sequel,” says the final frame of the ad.

This is one movie that I’d like to see again and again — and like Act of Valor, one I’m sure won’t be winning any Oscars next year.

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