CPAC interviews: The candidates

Every year at CPAC, aspiring candidates for Congress make their way to Washington to speak directly to the conservative activists that can lift them to victory in primaries and general elections — and this year was no exception.  There were a number that I simply didn’t get a chance to interview, most prominently Utah’s Mia Love, whom Tina interviewed before I had an opportunity to do so.  (Younger and quicker sometimes does beat older and craftier.)  I did get interviews with our friend Ted Cruz, who is running for the Republican nomination for Senate in Texas, and who was energized and enthused by CPAC — and enraged by the mandate imposed on religious organizations by the Obama administration for contraception and abortifacients:

Indiana sent two Congressional candidates to CPAC. First was Jackie Walorski, who ran in 2010 and narrowly lost in a tough district. This year she wants to run again in Indiana’s 2nd CD, and she’s also ready to attack the Obama agenda and regulatory overreach:

Finally, J. D. Miniear has thrown his hat in the ring for Indiana’s 7th CD. He wants to fire Andre Carson, who was last heard claiming that Tea Party activists were nothing but lynchers. Unfortunately, the video cut off part way through the interview, but J. D. gets a lot of information into the four minutes we have here:

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