NRCC hits Obama on Keystone with "Lean Backwards"

The NRCC tries its hand at satire today as a weapon against Barack Obama, and it works — if you watch MSNBC enough to know its promotions for the cable channel’s slogan, “Lean Forward.” This is a takeoff of a Rachel Maddow spot for big government, shot at the Hoover Dam, in which Maddow argues that big projects like the Hoover Dam can only go forward on a national scale. For obvious reasons, Maddow wouldn’t make that argument in front of the Big Dig in Boston and the California high-speed rail project, since big government produced big overruns on projects that won’t ever recover their costs in value … but I digress.

The NRCC uses this as a platform to point out that we have a big project on the drawing board now, ready to go, with bipartisan consensus to proceed and the potential to deliver energy resources to a thirsty US. It may take a nation to get these projects accomplished, but it only takes one man to obstruct it — and that man is Barack Obama:

For those who don’t watch MSNBC on a regular basis, here’s the spot the NRCC is spoofing:

I’d call that a direct hit.