Top Hot Air posts in 2011: 31-40

In the second installment of our top 50 posts this year, determined by unique page views, we have positions 31-40, which include a fun think piece of mine that I didn’t dream would get that much attention, an amazing video post, and two of the bigger stories of 2011. Let’s take a walk down Memory Lane:

  • 40: Video: The ugly protest at Wisconsin’s Messmer Catholic School over Walker visit – This was part of the angry reaction to public-employee union reform in our neighboring state, and it didn’t get much uglier than this.  If one ever wanted to see an ironic contrast, watch how the well-behaved students of Messmer Prep get treated by the representatives of the teachers union.
  • 39: Obama adviser tells Congress she has more important things to do – The Obama administration’s officials have acted arrogantly enough in regard to Congress this year, but Elizabeth Warren took the cake.  The White House ended up withdrawing her nomination after she told the House Oversight Committee that she had other commitments that day and couldn’t stick around to testify longer … and the other commitment turned out to be an interview for Vanity Fair.
  • 38: Video: The skin gun – An amazing medical advance for burn victims, the video is a must see … as long as you’re not eating at the same time.
  • 37: Intel analyst to CNN host: “You’re just carrying water for Mr. Obama” – Did CNN hosts back the idea of “Islamic democracy” when George Bush launched the war in Iraq?  No, and Michael Scheuer draws blood in his riposte to Kiran Chetry’s defense of Obama’s Libyan adventure.  Scheuer didn’t back the Iraq War either, but as I wrote at the time, there was a lot more reason to hope for a democratic outcome in Iraq than in Libya.
  • 36: Prosser edging Kloppenburg in votes, recount all but assured – Not the first Prosser/Kloppenburg post in our top 50, and it won’t be the last.  This was one of the most intriguing stories of the year, and Hot Air readers certainly agreed.  Its twists and turns kept readers — and bloggers — fascinated.
  • 35: Weiner to address media at 4 p.m. ET – Another, er, big story this year was Congressman Anthony Weiner’s disgrace and eventual resignation.  In this presser, Weiner admitted to sending photos of his genitalia via Twitter but refused (temporarily) to resign, but Andrew Breitbart ended up stealing the show, demanding — and receiving — vindication from those who had accused him of setting Weiner up.
  • 34: What if Obama quit? – I’m actually very surprised to see this post in the Top 50.  I posted it on a Sunday, for one thing, and it was simply a speculative musing about the risks to the GOP if Obama bowed out of the 2012 election.  The only conclusion I can reach for the post’s popularity is that a lot of people would like to see Obama quit the re-election campaign.
  • 33: Former “alarmist” scientist says Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) based in false science – A great post from my friend Bruce McQuain out of our Green Room, this post deserves another look.  It’s really a treatise on how government funding can corrupt science by incentivizing findings that require more government intervention.
  • 32: Breaking: Olbermann announces the end of “Countdown” – I was the Best of Persons, I was the Worst of Persons, and finally Keith Olbermann went to a far, far better place for his ranting than ever he had gone before.
  • 31: Kirsten Powers Fesses Up; The Hill and Politico Silent on Truth about Bush Veto Override – Another good Green Room post from our friend Susan Anne Hiller, this is one case where the follow-up got more attention than the initial post.  Kudos to our friend Kirsten Powers for setting the record straight.


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