Obamateurism of the Day

Barack Obama came into the presidency with no experience in foreign affairs, and it showed.  In the first three months, Obama mistakenly referred to the UK as “England” twice, despite the centrality of our British alliance to our own national security.  However, it’s been more than two years since that rough start.  Surely Obama has figured out that “England” is not the proper name for the country, right?  Er …

Just a few weeks ago, Barack Obama hailed the ‘extraordinarily special relationship’ between America and Britain.

But it is clearly one he doesn’t know all that much about if his latest foreign policy gaffe is anything to go by.

The U.S. President has come under fire today after referring to the ‘English’ instead of the British Embassy in his condemnation of the violence that broke out at the building in Iran yesterday. …

In an interview yesterday, Mr Obama said: ‘All of us are deeply disturbed by the, err, crashing of, err, the English Embassy, err, the embassy of the United Kingdom.’

By calling it the ’embassy of the United Kingdom’, he got it wrong a second time.

Maybe by the time Obama finishes this term of office, he’ll remember to refer to British embassies.  Just imagine how much coverage this would have received in the US had it been George Bush repeatedly muffing a reference to our closest ally.  (via E-Nough)


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