Video: Obama heckled by Occupiers in New Hampshire; Update: Rahm Emanuel heckled by Chicago Occupiers, too

It’s either karma, or just desserts, or chickens coming home to roost, as Barack Obama’s old pastor likes to say.  After stoking the passions of class warfare for the last two months, the protests that just coincidentally arose at the same time arrived on Obama’s figurative doorstep as he campaigned in New Hampshire.  Occupiers heckled Obama using the “human mic” technique, as this clip shows:

Business Insider couldn’t make sense of the human-mic chant.  The Hill offers this report, laden with understated irony:

Just as the president started his speech, protesters, apparently from the Occupy Wall Street protest movement, used the “human mic” technique to amplify their voices. It was unclear what the protesters were saying, or what point they were attempting to make.

That sounds like a pretty good description of the Occupy movement in general, doesn’t it?  Incoherence and pointlessness are their hallmark political offerings.

Update: Our colleague Jazz Shaw notes that the hecklers were probably cheering Obama by the end of the speech; I haven’t seen any reports yet to that effect, but I wouldn’t be surprised, since they’re singing from the same hymnal these days. Meanwhile, former Obama chief of staff and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel also got heckled by Occupiers yesterday, via William Amos:

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The Occupy protesters aren’t making very many political friends these days.

Protesters interrupted Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s remarks Monday at a news conference to announce new holiday lights in the Loop.

The boos and jeers began as soon as Emanuel was introduced, and he appeared to cut his remarks short.

Well, in Chicago, who else can you heckle except a Democrat?

Update II: Perhaps Emanuel should follow his counterpart in Los Angeles by offering the Occupiers some land. I’d be careful about accepting that deal; in Chicago, that might mean a plot of land six feet deep — although the good news is that it wouldn’t interfere with voting in the future.

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John Stossel 12:01 AM on June 09, 2023