Legendary football hero not a fan of presidential leadership these days

You may dismiss this as coming from a Beltway insider — in fact, perhaps the consummate Beltway insider.  Joe Theismann played most of his Hall of Fame career in Washington DC as the quarterback for the Redskins, and he’s been around the nation’s capital to make a few observations about leadership in both contexts.  He’s not seeing a lot of that quality from Barack Obama, and he lets the Daily Caller’s Nicholas Ballasly know about it last Friday:

To me, leadership is: You stand up in front and you give direction to people and you say ‘this is where we want to go’ instead of sitting down and blaming somebody else and saying, ‘well, they’re not cooperating so we can’t get this done.

That’s not to say that Theismann is terribly impressed with anyone else in DC, either. He tweaks politicians from both parties for not working together more on big issues, and for pandering to the bases rather than being honest with voters, and being too poll-driven to get anything accomplished. His advice for voters in this cycle — look for leaders who are “in it to win it,” who aren’t content with offering excuses and blaming predecessors for their own difficult times. Not bad advice from a legendary winner.