Video: Fox reporter threatened with stabbing by OWS protester; Update:NYPD, FDNY seize OWS generators as "fire hazards"

Lest one think that the allegation in this clip from the local Fox station is an outlier, it’s worth noting that John Huddy’s not the only one worried about assaults.  One police union has apparently warned the Occupiers in Zuccotti Park that any assaults on police officers — or at least sergeants — will result in lawsuits. That may not have the Occupiers too concerned, but that threat might not be aimed entirely at OWS, either (via JWF):

Fox 5 News Reporter Assaulted At OWS:

A protester, angered by the presence of a news crew inside Zuccotti Park Friday morning, threatened to stab Fox 5 News reporter John Huddy.

What has been an otherwise violence-free period during his six weeks covering the Occupy Wall Street movement, took a turn for John Huddy. He explained what happened during Good Day New York:

“This is somebody I’ve come across several times for the last few days. He threatened to stab me in the throat with a pen. He ripped the mic out of my hand,” said Huddy.

“I have a meeting with Bloomberg,” said the incoherent protester. The man was soon arrested by the NYPD.

It’s a little difficult to imagine winning any kind of cash award from people who don’t have jobs and are living off donations while squatting on someone else’s property. However, it’s the “someone else’s property” that might come into play. If the union wanted to make trouble, it could include the owner of Zuccotti Park as a co-defendant, as the owners have allowed the demonstration to take place on their property. The threat of such an action might be enough to push park’s owners into demanding action from the NYPD to clear the park. I wouldn’t bet on them taking it that far, but it’s certainly possible — just as it would be for anyone who gets assaulted by protesters in the park, for that matter.

Remember when Tea Party protesters threatened to stab reporters and rioted in the streets, destroying public property and refusing to disperse? Oh, yeah, that never happened. Meanwhile, our friend Steven Crowder takes a look at the Occupy Movement with one of the most scurrilous accusations against the Tea Party in mind, and discovers that perhaps the media might want to take a second look at Occupiers:

For more on the Occupy Movement’s flirtations with anti-Semitism, see Zombie’s posts at PJ Media. And don’t miss what San Francisco health inspectors found at their own Occupy demonstration. These demonstrations have become a physical health hazard, not just an intellectual health hazard.

Update: It’s going to get cold out there tonight (again via JWF):

The city has stripped Occupy Wall Street protesters of their power. …

“They made an announcement on a bullhorn saying: ‘We are here to take the generators, could you please bring them up to us on the corner of Broadway and Liberty Street’,” said James Bennett, a member of the information working group.

When no one from Occupy Wall Street surrendered the generators, more than 20 uniformed FDNY and NYPD officials entered the park to seize them, witnesses said.

The protesters say five generators were seized in total, including one which was biodiesel and ran on used vegetable oil.

How long until iPads and iPhones have to be recharged, and lantern batteries die?  I’d give it a night or two at best.