New RNC ad: "His Job"

As Barack Obama climbs back aboard the campaign presidential outreach bus, it’s apparent that the President has a laser focus on jobs.  Well, one job in particular, anyway — his own.  Obama took his American job Act out on the road again, and the RNC has a new TV spot out to greet him, and it asks voters whether they’d prefer to see a President at work or on the campaign trail:

The RNC also has a “press corps briefing book” on the Debt-End Bus Tour, with a rather amusing parody of the familiar White House graphic on official presidential material.  The logo features an eroding and collapsing White House with the slogan, “Downgrading America,” while the briefing itself has links to newspaper accounts and videos that the GOP uses to make its case that Obama has stopped governing altogether.  The subtitle of the report?  “Obama’s Non-Political Bus Tour Just So Happens to Roll into Two States He Can’t Afford to Lose.”

It’s also running into a few fundraisers along the way, too.

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