Video: RNC hits Obama on Solyndra

How can a President watch $535 million in taxpayer funds get destroyed in a vain attempt to prop up an investment for a campaign donor, and then claim to have no regrets over the failure? The RNC would like Americans to ask themselves that question, and they produced a new 45-second spot focusing on the collapse of Solyndra. The ad actually picks its attack carefully, avoiding references to George Kaiser at all. Instead it just hammers Obama on having bad business sense in putting so much cash on a “bad bet”:

Perhaps the RNC wants people to connect the dots themselves on the connection between Solyndra and big-bundler Kaiser, but one has to provide the dots to connect.  For the record, here they are:

Three weeks ago, I wrote that the RNC would find gold in Solyndra.  This is a good start, but the RNC needs to keep digging.

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