Open thread: Obama to deliver jobs plan to Congress ...

Today is a big day for Barack Obama.  After telling Congress more than a dozen times on Thursday night to pass his new jobs bill, the President will finally get around to sending Congress the bill.  That will come to Capitol Hill later this evening, which means Obama has plenty of time for … another speech, at 10:40 ET:

A White House official says President Barack Obama will send Congress his new $447 billion jobs bill Monday and speak in the Rose Garden to call for swift passage. …

Teachers, police officers, firefighters and others will join the president in the Rose Garden to call for passage, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity ahead of the president’s remarks.

I guess he won’t surround himself with doctors in white lab coats this time, like he did with his Rose Garden speech on ObamaCare.  Politico reports that there may be a reason for that:

Health care providers are warning that President Barack Obama’s new jobs plan could actually siphon jobs from one of the few industries still hiring — because the only way to pay for it would be to make deeper cuts in the health care entitlement programs.

Over the past year, the broadly defined health sector has created about 74,000 jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The industry has provided the Obama administration with one of its success stories during an otherwise gloomy 12-month period for labor, during which the jobless rate has reached 9.1 percent. …

But Obama’s template to get more Americans back to work could ultimately have the opposite effect on the health care sector because he asked the deficit supercommittee in his Thursday night speech to find extra savings to pay for his $447 billion jobs package. And to do that, the panel would probably have to propose deeper spending cuts for Medicare and Medicaid than it would have done otherwise.

Ah, the travails of central control of a national economy!  So many cronies, so little real ability to pander on a long-term basis.  But the doctors who lined up for their Rose Garden photo op shouldn’t worry too much; by this time next year, Obama will rob from teachers and first responders again to pander to them again.

What’s the over/under for the number of times we hear a variant of “Pass This Bill”?  I’m setting the bar at …. eight.

Update: I counted up to ten “pass this bill” demands in the first five or so minutes before losing count.  The speech was basically a distilled repeat of Thursday night’s speech, containing no real specifics except that Obama has actually produced a proposal, presumably in legislative language, which he held up during the speech today.  He once again claimed that the bill was “paid for,” although saying that his proposal to do so would come next week. Regardless, he wants Congress to pass the bill in its entirety immediately, of course.

Obama will deliver the bill to Congress tonight, which just coincidentally comes during tonight’s Republican debate — the second time Obama has tried to distract people from a debate in the past week.