"It was like walking into Hell"

Greg Hengler captured this emotional moment from the National Geographic special last night that featured George Bush giving his recollection of 9/11 and the days immediately afterward. This clip gives the backstory to Bush’s famous declaration from Ground Zero that the people who destroyed the towers would soon hear from an enraged United States of America. Bush describes the scene as being something from Hell, and that he sensed a “palpable blood lust” to avenge the deaths of thousands of Americans:

I missed the show last night; I was distracted by some unexpected bad news in the family. I have it set to record this evening and will watch it later. If you missed it as well, it airs again tonight on the National Geographic Channel at 9 pm ET and again at midnight. The previews of the one-hour special are very intriguing. Apparently the only voice we will hear, other than from archival video of the events, is Bush’s, as the interviewer’s questions have been removed from the video.