Video: Is Spenditol right for you?

I’m with Jim Geraghty on this new ad from Concerned Women for America — it’s awesome. The new “miracle drug, made in Washington DC,” allows users to mask pain by spending money we don’t have and pushing the responsibility to pay for it onto our children. Of course, your conscience — and your Constitution — might not be strong enough for Spenditol. If you have debt that last longer that four generations, see your Tea Party activists immediately:

Maybe what we need is a few more migraines in Congress to cure Spenditol, eh?

CWA will air this ad on television in four states: Florida, Montana, Nebraska, and Ohio.  These states have key Senate races in 2012, which conservatives would like to frame as a referendum on spending and debt, much the way they successfully did in 2010’s midterms.  The ads will also run on the national cable news outlets.  That’s a pretty impressive commitment (especially for a 60-second spot as opposed to a 30-second spot), but then again, this particular ad is impressively written and produced, too.