Video: Hollywood bigotry?

Ben Shapiro launched a broadside against Hollywood this week with the release of his book, Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TVSteven Crowder releases a broadside of his own in his weekly video, specifically aimed at Comedy Central’s Daily Show.  Crowder publishes an e-mail he received from the producers, who blatantly told Steven that they don’t hire conservative pundits for the show:

Steven also interviews Shapiro for part of this video, with a rather pointedly humorous conclusion. Meanwhile, Shapiro is getting pushback for his own humor:

During an appearance on the Fox News Channel, Hannity told Shapiro: “Every kid in America is gonna hate you. You’re taking on Elmo and Sesame Street and Big Bird in your book.”

That’s when Shapiro joked: “I kind of wanna take em out back and cap em.”

That was Strike 1, as far as some liberal activists were concerned.

Shapiro then described an interview with Mike Dann, who left CBS to join the Children’s Television Workshop as vp and work on Sesame Street in its early days.

“(Dann) said the whole purpose of Sesame Street was to cater to black and Hispanic youths who, quote-unquote, do not have reading literature in the house,” Shapiro told Hannity. “There’s kind of this soft bigotry of low expectations.”

Video of Shapiro’s interview with Dann is posted below.

Shapiro also ridiculed the Sesame Street website for promoting “gender-neutral language. Make sure you give your boys dolls and make sure you give your girls fire trucks.”

Strike 2.

Strike 1 and Strike 2 against whom? Take a look at the video below; the first is clearly a joke meant to skewer the idea that Shapiro hates Sesame Street. The second, as far as Shapiro is concerned, is a direct quote of Dann followed by a fairly mainstream conclusion. It’s a pretty good demonstration of the double standard at play:

At any rate, the Daily Show has a couple of questions to answer, doesn’t it?