Breaking: Kloppenburg concedes; Update: Humpbot time

JoAnn Kloppenburg finally conceded the Wisconsin Supreme Court race this morning, announcing that she had called incumbent Justice David Prosser to congratulate him on his win.  She had until today to file a challenge to the recount, which gained her 312 votes but still left her slightly over 7,000 votes behind Prosser in the hotly-contested election:

Candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg has accepted the results of the recount in her state Supreme Court race and conceded to incumbent Justice David Prosser.

Prosser originally won the election by 7,316 votes, out of 1.5 million cast. Kloppenburg requested a statewide recount through, which she picked up 312 votes.

She had until Tuesday to decide whether to challenge the results in court.Prosser’s campaign has said there’s no basis for a challenge and it’s time to move on.

The news conference is still ongoing, although the TMJ4 live stream provided by the Journal-Sentinel has the sound turned off. Stay tuned for more …

Update: Again, I missed her statement, but 620TMJ has a couple of quotes:

Kloppenburg asked for a statewide recount after preliminary figures had her losing to Prosser.

“Wisconsin law makes it clear that even when such a record has been developed in such a recount, the threshold for a court to overturn such an election is appropriately very high,” said Kloppenburg.

“It would serve no purpose to bring a suit with insufficient legal basis.”

Why not?  The recount had insufficient common-sense basis, and Kloppenburg didn’t hesitate to spend taxpayer money on a fruitless attempt to reverse a 7316-vote deficit.  Maybe it would serve no purpose because Kloppenburg would foot the bill in an election challenge — and because she might want to run for office again in a state that would get pretty angry over a nonsensical challenge to a 7000-vote margin loss.

Update: After consulting with Allahpundit, the time has come, my friends:

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