Obamateurism of the Day

Have the Germans overrun the Middle East? That might not be a bad idea — they’ve got to be better than the kleptocracies and mullahcracies there now — but no, the Germans are still happily in Germany, despite Barack Obama’s reference to a “Teutonic shift” in the region:

President Obama made an amusing slip of the tongue last night while discussing the Middle East during a fundraiser in Austin.

“Internationally, we’ve gone through a Teutonic shift in the Middle East that could have enormous ramifications for years to come,” he said.

Hmmm … Teutonic … a reference to the ancient Germans, forerunners of the Germans … as far as we know, the Germans haven’t tried to overrun the Middle East since World War II.

A day later, the White House amended the transcript to note that Obama meant tectonic, not Teutonic.  Even that, though, seems a strange word choice, as USA Today’s David Jackson points out:

Ah, tectonic … “of or pertaining to building or construction; constructive; architectural.”

Maybe Obama meant Titanic?  Oh, wait, he wasn’t referring to his own Middle East policy …

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