Obamateurism of the Day

We’ll interrupt the string of OOTDs from Barack Obama’s deficit speech a week ago to note an OOTD of omission. Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller checked out Barack Obama’s campaign website to see where the now-candidate Obama stood on the issues. As it turns out, the candidate apparently has no idea:

The page itself says:


Sorry, the page you’re looking for isn’t here. Keep checking the blog for the latest from the campaign as we continue to provide new content, tools, and opportunities to get involved.

This might be the most honest campaign website page since Roland Burris listed his accomplishments in March 2009.  Given how often Obama has had to reverse himself the past two years from his campaign pledges, perhaps it’s best to keep this page blank.  At least that way no one is under the impression that Obama has convictions, other than the usual Chicago urge to win the next election.

Seriously, though, how difficult would it have been to populate this page with some pablum from here before taking the site live?  For a supposedly top-notch political organization, Obama’s team leaves a lot to be desired.

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