Videos: PP lies about mammograms; former PP director slams abortion "profit center," public funding

When Congress debated legislation barring federal funds from going to Planned Parenthood, its CEO warned that “millions of women are going to lose their health-care access, not to abortion services, but to basic family planning, you know, mammograms.” Sounds awful, doesn’t it?  Live Action decided to start scheduling those mammograms at PP clinics before the funding disappeared, only to discover that Planned Parenthood clinics don’t actually perform mammograms.  In fact, one center told the caller that “we don’t deal with the health side of it so much.  We’re mostly a surgical center”:

And when Planned Parenthood tells people that their mission focuses on women’s health, one of their former directors begs to differ. Abby Johnson left the nation’s largest provider of abortions in 2009 after being pressured to increase the number of abortions at her Bryan, TX clinic, and after watching an ultrasound-guided abortion that convinced her to oppose abortion and work to actually improve women’s health. The Susan B Anthony List pro-life organization has produced this one-minute television ad that features Johnson explaining the actual profit motive at PP, and it’s not condom sales:

Matt Lewis calls this effective because Johnson doesn’t attack abortion itself, but the industrial nature of PP’s abortion mills rather than a presumed focus on “health.” I’d say it does both.  Johnson uses the widget mentality towards abortion to argue that low-income women are not getting substantive health care from the $360 million that flows from Congress each year to the organization under that rationalization — and that strikes at the core of the argument used by PP advocates to protect its funding.

It’s time to end government financing of the nation’s largest abortion mill.  If PP wants to be McAbortion, let them run their business on private funds.  While they’re at it, they can stop lying about where the money goes, too.

Update: Commenter Missy corrects me in that the ultrasound that convinced Johnson to quit was of an abortion in progress.  I’ve corrected the text above.

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