Finally: Leader of free world takes position on ... NCAA finals

Unlike many on the Right, I don’t consider this a nadir for the American presidency. It’s bad optics, to be sure, since the White House is doing its best to avoid taking specific positions on less pressing issues like the federal budget, no-fly zones in Libya, and whatever else is considered “the fray” these days. On the other hand, it’s big business that crosses state lines and has tremendous popularity with Americans, so presidential attention here is no more silly than Congressional hearings on the BCS, and a whole lot more benign. It would be less disturbing if it wasn’t so apparent that the President has put more thought into this than, say, his claims on car mileage, but that’s an OOTD for a different day.

Greg Hengler has the video:

President Obama starts off with a reminder for people to contribute money for the relief efforts in Japan, with charities listed at US Aid’s website.  If you’re anxious to get those expert picks from the Oval Office, don’t get too impatient, as his pitch only lasts about 20 seconds.

I have about as much expertise in basketball as Obama does in bowling, so I have no idea whether the Prez Picks make sense or not.  However, picking all the top seeds certainly qualifies as hedging one’s bets.

Update: One commenter rightly notes that “BCS Championship Series” comes from the Department of Redundancy Department.  I’ve shortened it to BCS.

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