Obamateurism of the Day

In yesterday’s OOTD, we pointed out the dishonesty in Barack Obama’s claim that Democrats have met Republicans “halfway” on budget cuts in the FY2011 spending plan — a claim that also elicited a three-Pinocchio rating at the Washington Post. Not only did Obama’s assertion that ten billion dollars somehow amount to half of $61 billion, in truth the Democrats have only proposed $6.5 billion in cuts.  And actually, the White House and the Senate Democrats didn’t even propose that much in actual reductions, according to the CBO:

After last week’s meeting on Capitol Hill among congressional leaders and Vice President Biden, Senate Democrats wrote legislation and gave it to CBO to be analyzed.

CBO put the cuts at $4.7 billion.

Given the President’s difficulties in determining what half of $61 billion might be, it’s not exactly surprising that Democrats on either end of Pennsylvania can’t add, either.

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