The Ed Morrissey Show: Week in Review with Matt Lewis, Mary Katharine Ham

Today, on the Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson of the Hugh Hewitt Show is on location in Phoenix and can’t make it for this week’s show. Instead, we have two great guests to wrap up our week.  First, Matt Lewis will discuss the week’s events as well as his upcoming book, The Quotable Rogue: The Ideals of Sarah Palin in Her Own Words.

In the second half, Mary Katharine Ham joins us once again to discuss the week’s events in Wisconsin.  We’ll also talk about the day-to-day status of the potential Mitch Daniels presidential campaign, how a government yard sale could lower the national debt, and how Barack Obama can’t seem to find his comfy shoes.  Mary Katharine will also give us a preview of her upcoming video at The Daily Caller!

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David Strom 5:21 PM on December 09, 2022