WI Assembly to vote on budget-repair bill today

The ground under the feet of the Fleebaggers just shifted uncomfortably.  Their colleagues in the Wisconsin Assembly, who stayed to debate the budget repair bill with Republicans, have cut a deal to end debate today on the proposal that will set up a vote around noon:

Democrats in the Assembly early Thursday announced an agreement that could finally bring an end to the nearly two solid days of debate on amendments to Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill.

Shortly after 6 a.m., Assembly leaders announced a deal had been reached in which Democrats who have strenuously objected to Walker’s plan to sharply curb public worker bargaining rights would limit remaining debate to 38 amendments. They further agreed to restrict debate on each amendment to no more than 10 minutes.

That could bring the budget bill that includes the worker rights provisions up for a final vote in as little as six hours, though further distractions are always possible.

The bill will then move to the Senate, which still has no quorum as the Fleebagger Democrats in that chamber remain outside of the state.  That hasn’t stopped them from complaining that Governor Scott Walker won’t take their calls, which as Jim Geraghty writes today, provides “1.2 gigawatts of irony.”

If they want to debate the bill and negotiate, they have the forum in which to do it — the Senate seats to which they were elected.  The GOP scheduled 17 hours of debate for the bill, which needs to be passed by Friday to allow Wisconsin to restructure its debt with the best conditions possible.  They don’t need to call Walker to have that debate or negotiate, which their non-Fleebagger Democratic colleagues proved this morning.

Now that the bill will advance to the Senate after an Assembly vote, the Fleebaggers have even less justification for their petulant absenteeism.  The Senate should give the courtesy of a hearing to a bill passed by its sister chamber.  They have no more excuses.

Update: Had the wrong link in the first paragraph; it’s now fixed.  Thanks to Guy Benson for the heads-up.

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Jazz Shaw 12:01 PM on November 30, 2022