Video: The Barack Obama Station

Imagine, if you will, an entire cable channel dedicated to entertaining America will all things Barack Obama. Okay, okay, another cable channel other than MSNBC, and one that actually entertains.  The folks at ForAmerica put their own imagineering to work and came up with something that looks and sounds a lot like TBS out of Obama’s State of the Union address, which seems fitting.  Both this administration and TBS are dedicated to serving up warmed-over hash from years gone by and packaging it as the new hotness:

This amusing video reminds me of the series of comedy shows and films that followed from the election of George Bush.  Anyone remember those timeless comedies That’s My Bush! and L’il Bush?  Films like W and Death of a President?  Or how about the series of investigatory documentaries that probed his presidency almost from the moment it began, starting with the obviously balanced perspective of Party Animals, or How to Get to the White House in 5 Easy Steps?

It’s no surprise that the entertainment cognoscenti are reluctant to shine that kind of spotlight and derision on their favorites, but this short film should remind us all of the hypocrisy.