Video: Slain girl’s father says attack the price of “a free society”

If you want to see heartbreaking grace and tremendous courage in the face of unspeakable tragedy, you don’t want to miss this segment from the Today show this morning with John Green, the father of the 9-year-old victim of the shooting in Tucson, Arizona. Christina Green was born on 9/11 and died in another act of nationally-covered violence, which her father says are “bookends” to her joyful life. Instead of lashing out, which would be entirely understandable for a heartbroken father, John instead offers us an amazing example of poise and perspective that puts many to shame:

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My granddaughter is only a year younger than John’s daughter; I cannot imagine having this much courage and grace. Please pray for the Greens, and perhaps for those tempted to use this tragedy for political purposes, take a lesson from John as well.

Addendum: Kudos to Meredith Viera for her sensitive and supportive handling of the interview.