Obamateurism of the Day

Normally I don’t do OOTDs on the weekend, but I suspect that if this isn’t on the list for tomorrow’s poll, the comment section will be filled with links back to it anyway. The Obama administration had totally botched the handling of the tax deal, but even the temper tantrum on Tuesday doesn’t compare to the abdication last night at the White House podium. After introducing Bill Clinton to reporters in the briefing room, Obama acted as if the entire subject bored him … and then left to keep his wife from getting annoyed at him … at a Christmas party:

Obama introduced Clinton lightly as “the other guy” and recalled how Clinton has overseen heady economic times. Obama warned that he wouldn’t be staying long — another White House Christmas party was waiting, as was his wife, Michelle.

The leader of the free world brought his predecessor onto the stage to pull his chestnuts out of the fire — and he’s not interested enough to stick around? The Christmas party took precedence over spending a few minutes with Clinton to pitch his own deal?  Michelle wouldn’t have understood if he, er, did his job?

How important is this deal to Obama?  Less than a Christmas party and dealing with his spouse’s irritation.  The picture on the front page says it all — he’s diminishing into a background player in his own presidency, largely because he just can’t be bothered to do any lifting for himself.

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