Schultz: Let’s pass a “decency law” to regulate speech

Try to see how far into this video you get before coming to your spit-take moment. Will it be when Ed Schultz rails about mean and insulting speech while calling Rush Limbaugh “the Drugster”? How about when Schultz complains that Rush is playing the race card in the Hoyer-Clyburn battle to Al Sharpton, who just got done playing the race card in Michael Steele’s embattled position in the RNC?  Or when Schultz calls for a “decency law,” which the Blaze calls an echo of Joe McCarthy?  For my money, it’s Sheila Jackson Lee explaining that the real problem is that Hoyer and Clyburn might be insulted by this speech, which should require a restoration of the Fairness Doctrine to stop:

Here’s a question for Schultz: would referring to a woman as “a mashed up bag of meat with lipstick” violate that “decency law”?  Because if it did, his station would be out of business already.  The same is true for a reimposition of the Fairness Doctrine.  Rush would almost certainly survive, because he makes enough money for stations to make it worth throwing a loss leader from the Left to balance him in such a regime.  It would be the lesser lights that would get wiped out in such a move, including everyone on MSNBC.

The best remedy for bad speech is more speech, not censorship.  The only people who don’t believe that are the ruling class who believe insulting a politician should be some sort of crime, and the chronically incoherent who can’t compete in the marketplace.

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