Open thread: Rally to Support Hipster Irony

I don’t have much to say about today’s rally on the National Mall by Comedy Central’s hipsters, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, except to wish them well and hope they enjoy good weather for their road show.  I’m a fan of pretty much any kind of peaceful political demonstration regardless of whether I agree with the themes or not.  Better to have demonstrations than other kinds of political action, and besides, I’m all in favor of economy-boosting activity.  Good to know that Viacom has positioned itself well for this pox-on-all-houses-but-everyone-knows-which-one-in-particular event.

Allahpundit called this Irony-Stock on Twitter last night, which I think is perfectly descriptive, but Jake Tapper didn’t think it was clever enough.  How about LOLapalooza?  Basically, this is a celebration of political laziness masquerading as ironic detachment, which is something generations have enjoyed in their early adulthood without making it an industry.  Instead of having making actual, serious, and developed political arguments, it’s much easier to make fun of those who do on both sides of the political divide and pretend that one is above it all.  Should be lots of fun, vapid entertainment, and entirely meaningless, sort of like a Michael Bay movie.

The Washington Post will have a live-stream of the rally at this page.  If I find a widget for this, I’ll update the post.

Update (AP): Here’s an embeddable live feed. Jim Treacher’s calling it the Rally to Reassure Ourselves That We’re Not the Ones Who F***ed Everything Up.