Dem Rep: We don’t have a voter-fraud problem

The most encouraging part of this clip may be the audience reaction to Betty McCollum’s claim that voter fraud doesn’t exist. In the debate between McCollum and her Republican challenger Teresa Collett in Minnesota’s 4th CD, the Congresswoman who later would also claim that al-Qaeda no longer poses a threat to the US tells constituents that voter fraud is all in their head.  The response provoked laughter and catcalls, and this rebuttal from Collett yesterday on YouTube:

The group Minnesota Majority has dedicated itself to fighting voter fraud in the state, and has been particularly active during this election cycle.  They have a new site, Election Integrity Watch, that offers $500 for tips that lead to convictions for voter fraud.  Less than a week ago, efforts by Minnesota Majority to uncover fraud led to charges being filed by district attorneys in Clark and Hennepin Counties against eleven defendants.  They report that 80 people have been convicted of fraud in relation to the 2008 election alone, and that 600 more are under investigation.

Problems don’t just disappear when people pretend they don’t exist, whether those problems are voter fraud or al-Qaeda.  Our elected representatives should be working to secure our nation and our voting systems.   Those who don’t want to perform those basic tasks should find other lines of work, and voters should ensure that they have the opportunity by electing serious Representatives.  Teresa Collett would be an excellent alternative to Betty McCollum.