Obama: ObamaCare provides “structure” for further gov’t growth

Oh, man, I’ve had it up to here with those lying wingnuts that claim ObamaCare is just a Trojan horse for expansion of government control over health care. This was just a one-time fix, not a structure for increasing regulation and top-down authoritarian control over one-sixth of the American economy. What conservative fearmonger is claiming that it’s all part of an expansionist plot now?

This one (via Verum Serum):

If you want to sell ObamaCare to a deeply skeptical public, is Social Security the best example Obama has? It may have started out as a “widows and orphans” fund, but it rapidly turned into a Ponzi scheme that is now running monthly cash deficits, thanks to a historic lack of workers per beneficiary. It’s part of a gigantic entitlement catastrophe that is rapidly approaching, and which will require serious change and downscaling in one way or another if the US is to avoid getting swamped by its own debt and unfunded liabilities.

Actually, the better analogy is Medicare, not Social Security. Originally targeted at a small group of beneficiaries, the program grew into a massive insurance program for all Americans that has an even worse financial foundation than Social Security. It grew much more rapidly in size and scope than did Social Security, and now generates such massive deficits that it can’t properly compensate its providers, who are fleeing the program in response.

Either way, as John at Verum Serum points out, this substantiates the argument about ObamaCare being a Trojan horse all along:

We knew the President wasn’t telling the truth back then. Every time the President promised “if you like the plan you have now, you can keep it” he was telling, at best, half the truth. Every time he said it was about “choice and competition” he was being dishonest. This was always a framework for change. Canadian-style single-payer is what they’ve always wanted and it’s what they still want.

We reached out to various reporters trying to get them to cover the story of the public option and explain to people why it was so important to liberals on Capitol Hill. Despite the fact that the public option was the center of the controversy for months, no one would touch it. And so, with the exception of a couple editorials and talk radio, no one informed Americans that health reform was, from its inception, designed to engulf the private system over time. Other than Glenn Beck’s show and a few other places, none of those video clips of people admitting the real plan ever appeared on TV. But now we have one final clip to add to our collection, the one above of the President admitting we were right.

President Obama says he’ll keep pushing to expand health control as long as he’s in office. That sounds like a great reason to make sure he only gets one term.

And to make sure that those in Congress who abetted the effort don’t return in January, too.