Debate moderator to Rubio: How’s it feel to be anti-Latino?

Florida politics have gotten ugly, haven’t they? A Democratic incumbent calls his Republican opponent a member of the Taliban, and now the son of a Cuban immigrant is not just called anti-immigration, but anti-Latino.  And this time it’s not Charlie Crist who sets himself up as the arbiter of Hispanic authenticity, but the debate moderator.  Greg Hengler clips this dreadful question and memorable response from Rubio:

It seems to escape the intellectual capacity of Rubio’s opponents, and many on the Left, that one can be pro-immigration while demanding and end to illegal immigration.  Marco Rubio makes this point very clearly and concisely by demanding the rule of law apply not just to Americans but also those who want to enter our country.  It’s hardly anti-Latino to demand equal treatment under the law, and to demand that the federal government fulfill one of its actual Constitutional duties in securing the nation’s borders.

Basically, the moderator called Rubio a bigot.  Rubio responded with a lot more class than he was afforded.

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Jazz Shaw 1:01 PM on April 01, 2023