The Ed Morrissey Show: Val Prieto, Chris Cox, John Randall

Today on the Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), Val Prieto of Babalublog returns to TEMS to discuss a couple of interesting stories today.  First, we’ll discuss Fidel Castro’s admission to Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic that communism doesn’t work for Cuba any longer and what that means for the Castro brothers and Cuba.  After, we’ll parse the recent polling in the Florida Senate election.

Later, we welcome Chris Cox, who is running for the Republican nomination for Congress in NY-01.  Chris will tell us why he’s the Republican to back, and why the district needs a change from incumbent Democrat Tim Bishop.  This is a true battleground district, rated even in the Cook index, and where Barack Obama only won 52/48 over John McCain.  After, John Randall of the NRCC brings us up to date on battleground Congressional races from around the country.

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