Pawlenty: ObamaCare makes federal gov’t “like a drug dealer”

Tim Pawlenty explained his attack on ObamaCare to Neil Cavuto yesterday on Fox — and took a decidedly un-Minnesota Nice tack in doing so. Pawlenty explained to Cavuto that federal funding has become a drug and the states have to start ending their addiction to it — and likened Washington to a drug dealer offering free tastes to clients in order to get them hooked. The only way to stop, Pawlenty insists, is to actually stop, cold turkey if necessary. After all, that money comes from the states themselves, which could spend it more wisely, and with more accountability, if they keep it rather than launder it through Washington:

For some reason, after watching this clip, I thought about this song from Steppenwolf. It’s not entirely safe for work, but it’s a classic.

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