Deval Patrick on Beck rally: “It’s a free country. I wish it weren’t.”

And you thought that a libtalker declaring a public space too sacred for God would be the dumbest quote from the Left on the Restoring Honor rally hosted by Glenn Beck.  Michael Graham from Boston’s WTKK posts a clip of Governor Deval Patrick responding to a question about the rally by noting first that it’s a free country — and then that he’s not terribly happy about that, either:

The clip actually goes on for much longer as Graham and his producer have a blast with it.  Graham calls it a Kinsleyan gaffe, noting that if anyone asked Patrick if he liked that the US was a free country, he’d almost certainly say “Yes!”  But do Patrick’s policy choices and that of his party actually stand for freedom — or something else?   Be sure to follow the link back to Graham’s clip and listen to him make a larger political point about the Democratic agenda.

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