Video: Carlson, Gibbs spar on surge, credit for Iraq success

I played the last 90 seconds of this clip on my show today, but the whole video is well worth watching, if just to see how Greg Hengler reminds us of what Barack Obama said from the cheap seats in 2007. As I also wrote earlier today, Obama deserves credit for his belated support of the surge, made evident of it in his repeat in Afghanistan and putting the man who mastered it in Iraq in charge of it now. Carlson wonders whether Obama will be gracious enough to admit publicly how incorrect he was in 2007, and give credit to the man who got it right:

Obama will call George W. Bush today? I hadn’t heard that part of the clip while doing the show this morning. How will that conversation go, anyway? “Thanks, Mr. President, for leaving me a turnkey policy for Iraq that I managed not to screw up, and I’ll be sure to talk nice about you after the election is over.”

Update: JadeNYU in the comments pictures the conversation on the other end of the phone when Obama calls Crawford:

“Sir, we have the President on the phone for you.”

“Hello, Dad?”

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