Inevitable: The Ballad of Steven Slater

In a quick and unscientific review of YouTube, it appears that the most inspiring figure this week for ambitious songwriters is former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater, the man who bid a memorable farewell to both his job and possibly his freedom this weekend.  The best in class could very well be this NSFW entry from Jonathan Mann — because a folk hero should be honored in a folk song, right?  The hilarity comes from the earnestness of the acoustic-guitar folk approach, the obviously above-entry-level production values, and the copious use of the F-word in the middle of it all.  Mann even has a background chorus singing the refrain, which consists of Slater’s valediction just before he hit the inflatable chute.

Before you click this, let me again emphasize that this is Not Safe For Work, has potentially offensive language, and by clicking it you assume responsibility for the experience:

This song is really not so much about Slater, but about rebellion against powerlessness. In fact, the final stanza of the lyrics makes that rather explicit, if you’ll pardon the pun:

steve slater i wrote this song for you
because you said what we’ve been dying to say
i’m sick of feeling powerless
to affect any kind of meaningful change

Come on, admit it. Change a few of the words (not the f-words, though), and this could be a Tea Party anthem to Washington DC, right?

Note: If you’re tempted to complain about the language after two warnings, well … refer back to the chorus.