Video: How to win that family-values vote

The NRSC catches Kentucky Democrat and Senate candidate Jack Conway attempting a little plain speaking at a gathering of constituents.  Unfortunately, Conway puts a little too much “common” in his common touch by calling himself a “tough son of a bitch” … at a church picnic last year. What set Conway off? The audience registered its disapproval for some of his positions and he got annoyed:

Looks like this went over like, well, a flatus in church. Not that this is a big deal in terms of the election, of course; a well-placed SOB reference could boost a candidate as well as a poorly-placed one can deflate one. It’s an entree, though, to talking about just how tough Conway will be when standing up to Harry Reid and Barack Obama — and from the evidence in this clip, it’s pretty clear he’s not a tough SOB but a pliant party player. If Kentuckians expect their Senator to protect them from the coal-hostile policies of the national Democratic agenda, they’ll need to find another SOB to do it for them.