Video: The Eva Mendes s.ex tape

How about a mid-afternoon palate cleanser from one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood — and apparently on Google, too?  Eva Mendes responds to a rapidly growing Google search for a sex tape involving her by providing the product that her public demands.  In an “advertisement” on Funny or Die, Mendes notes the flexibility of the Eva Mendes S.Ex Tape for the “dirtiest,” “nastiest” needs of her customers:

Yesterday, when I first tweeted this clip, a couple of followers assumed that someone hacked my account. Rest assured, this is entirely safe for work, except for those bosses that don’t appreciate social satire. It’s a hilarious send-up of the recent phenomenon of demand for celebrity voyeurism, and those celebrities that encourage it. Kudos to Mendes for having a sense of humor and a brain.