Palin: Obama lacks a certain something

Sarah Palin tells Fox News that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has something that President Barack Obama lacks when it comes to border enforcement:

George H. W. Bush got tagged with the “wimp factor” both before he ran for President and again once in office.  The man who piloted a fighter plane in World War II and fashioned a vast coalition to drive Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait had trouble standing up to domestic opposition at key points.  Bush 41 acquiesced to a tax hike instead of standing fast for spending cuts on their own, and wound up getting beat for re-election by Bill Clinton, with a big assist from Ross Perot.

The problem here isn’t a wimp factor, or even a cojones factor, though.  That would imply that Obama wants to get serious about immigration-law enforcement at all, which he and his party clearly do not.  They want another general amnesty in order to (a) pander to the existing Latino vote, and (b) expand voter rolls in the near future to add a lot of grateful recipients to Democratic rolls.  Along the way, they wouldn’t mind picking up the support of businesses who rely on cheap illegal-immigrant labor, too.

The recent surge in support for stronger enforcement has stymied that effort, which Democrats had previously thought would split the Republicans and give them a path to victory in the midterms.  Instead, their attack on Arizona has an already-unhappy electorate even more angry, and immigration may well end up burying them for another cycle.  In addition, the Latinos they courted are even more unhappy now that it’s clear Democrats won’t move as promised on another amnesty package.