Final hours for Day by Day fundraising push

Chris Muir has spent the last few years delivering a consistently high-quality, trenchant commentary on politics and culture from a conservative-libertarian perspective, which has been so good that the term “comic strip” really doesn’t do it justice.  Day By Day is a daily must-read for me and for many others, and the best part of it is that my friend Chris relies on the support of the conservative community to raise the funds necessary to keep the site and work in operation.  Today’s strip is a great example of the kind of commentary Chris provides for us every day:

You can keep Chris in the game.  I’ve noted on the Obamateurism posts that the DBD fund drive has been roaring along, and considering the state of the economy, Chris has done a good job getting close to his goal.   However, with just a few hours left, DBD still could use your help.  If you haven’t yet contributed to the fundraiser, consider chipping in whatever you can to keep Chris going.  He has some lovely merchandise offers depending on your contribution level, and having received one of the packages last year, I can tell you that the lucky recipients will undoubtedly appreciate it.

Update: Since my description of Chris’ politics has stirred some debate in the comments, let me be clear that this is my description, not Chris’.

Update II, 10 pm: Chris gave me a call to thank Hot Air readers for pushing the fundraiser almost all the way to its goal this evening.  He actually will keep the contribution push open until the 12th, as his readers have insisted on keeping it open for a full month.  (I misunderstood and thought it only ran to the end of this month.)  He is thrilled to get such a huge response from Hot Air readers — as am I! — and says, “You did keep Chris in the game.”  Thanks!