Obamateurism of the Day

Barack Obama has an odd idea of faith, as Allahpundit noted on Monday.  Criticizing an argument that Republicans weren’t actually making, Obama slammed the GOP for not having faith in Americans:

Republican Senate leaders, he said, “are advancing a misguided notion that emergency relief somehow discourages people from looking for a job should talk to these folks.”

“That attitude, I think, reflects a lack of faith in the American people,” said Mr. Obama.

Actually, that argument must have been faith-based, because Republicans in the Senate weren’t arguing to stop the extension.  They were arguing over how to pay for it, which didn’t require faith in Americans looking for work but in Democrats sticking to their Pay-Go promises.  I’d say that Republicans were acting on faith that Obama knew the difference, except that faith ended a long time ago.

However, the argument is silly for another reason.  This is the same administration that has no faith in Americans making their own health-care decisions, their own diet decisions, and even choosing food from a menu.  Why would the high priest of the nanny state start claiming to have faith in a people who need elites making every decision for them?

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