Video: Ellsworth and the special interests

The Brad Ellsworth campaign has tried mightily to keep Indiana voters from remembering that the former sheriff has spent the last four years in Washington as a member of Congress, as his first ad intended to obfuscate with repeated talk about how “they” (Congress) play footsie with special interests. A week after releasing the ad, Ellsworth got spotted in Vancouver schmoozing with trial lawyers at a convention, looking for some funding for his race against Dan Coats in an attempt to get within 20 points of the Republican candidate. The NRSC has some fun with Ellsworth’s claims of eschewing special interests while hobnobbing with an interest group so unpopular outside of Democratic leadership that they had to change their name in 2006:

It was just a few weeks ago that Democrats tried painting Coats as a candidate in thrall to lobbyists. How will they explain Ellsworth’s international travels to beg for trial lawyer cash?